Iliana Inocencio is an actor, COMEDY writer, & singer.

Iliana currently writes and performs with musical sketch comedy group, AzN PoP! and can be seen regularly at Upright Citizens Brigade NY with house sketch team, Presley. She has written for MTV's Decoded with Francesca Ramsey and performed original characters in two different NBC Diversity Showcases at The PIT and UCB, respectively. She can be seen on the final season of Orange is the New Black and as a core cast member on Iliza’s Shlesinger’s upcoming Netflix sketch comedy series. When not acting, she loves writing, producing, volunteering, singing, yoga-ing, and constantly asking her dog: “Why are you so cute?” (Her dog has yet to respond.)
She's generally pretty chill but very passionate about making sure you call her ih-lee-ah-nuh and not ih-lah-nuh. 

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