Here’s a pic from the best day of my life (thus far)! I got to work on an Emmy Nominated Show! 
It was only a couple lines, but if I've had a convo with you this year and you asked me what I've been up to, I've probably told you I'm working hard to "level up."
I firmly believe that getting to be on this show and earning a tiny speaking role on it is a culmination of all the little ways I've tried to put myself out there and say yes to things that scare me. And yah you bet Mama Universe listened! I feel so grateful and so blessed to have had this opportunity bc wow there really is no better feeling than getting a first legit speaking role on a dope TV show. 
Thank you so much to my manager, Annette, Jen Euston Casting, Danny, my set friend for taking the pics, Heather, the writer for the episode I was on, for indulging me when I told her how I excited I was to be there and how happy I was to see that she is an Asian American Woman on set who is in a position of power, and my family for believing I should always be the star of every show. 
Now back to putting my head down & working hard in hopes of many more beautiful opportunities like this. ❤️