Iliana Inocencio is an actor, writer, comedian, & singer.

Iliana currently writes and performs with musical sketch comedy group, AzN PoP! and can be seen regularly at Upright Citizens Brigade NY with house sketch team, Presley. She has written for MTV's Decoded with Francesca Ramsey and performed original characters in the NBC/PIT Diversity Showcase. She's proud to be a happy-go-lucky gal's gal and because of that has had a nice consistent stream of acting employment from such female driven sites as Bustle, Refinery29, and Elite Daily. In her humble opinion, the best venues she's ever sung or acted in are Ford's Theater (bc Lincoln!), The Kennedy Center Concert Hall, Joe's Pub at The Public Theater, and The Douglas House (where Dick in a Box was filmed.)
She's pretty chill but very passionate about making sure you call her ih-lee-ah-nuh and not ih-lah-nuh. 

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