Hullo, I'm Iliana!
(ih-lee-ah-nuh not ih-lah-nuh) 

If you read my last "About" section, you'll know I can be pretty long-winded.
So for you, here is a gift...

The Bullet-Points: 
-originally from Alexandria, VA
-moved to NYC for Musical Theater, but now I do and love sketch comedy
-performed original comedic characters in The PIT's NBC Showcase 
-wrote for Season 2 of MTV's Decoded
-am a Story Pirate
-write and perform musical sketch comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade with AzN PoP! 
-perform sketch comedy at The PIT with Candy Ass on BoogieManja 

Other Fun Facts: 
-very good at ballet, not great at tap
-love vinyasa yoga and bikram yoga
-matcha and dirty chais are where it's at
-new to surfing, planning on becoming a seasoned vet
-obsessed with my dog, Maybe, but mostly obsessed with any & all dogs
-constantly working towards Asian-American representation in entertainment